Hercules Sabiki Lures Bait Feathers Rig Pollack Cod Freshwater Saltwater Fishing Hooks(5 pcs/pack)

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  • Brand: Hercules
  • Type: Rig Fishing
  • Hook Size: #1/0
  • Suitable: Saltwater Freshwater
  • MAYBE USED TO CATCH: Short Mackerel, Herring, Smelt, Spanish Mackerel, Caballitos, Flathead Mullet, Sardines, Anchovies and other baitfish.

SABIKI is a Japanese word for a fishing method in which a saltwater/Freshwater rig is jigged vertically in the water making it easier to catch baitfish.
Sabiki Fish Skin Baits rig in deep waters to ensure they spend more time fishing for mackerel and herring and less time for baitfish.

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