Hercules Fly Tying Tools Fly Fishing Lure Making Accessories

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Makes Your Fly Tying Easier: A selected collection of exceptionally 5pc fishing lure-making kits, from the entry-level to the professional tying masters, will find it functional and convenient.
  • Fly Tying Bobbin: 4.4"/11.2cm, hold your thread spool and maintain constant tension on the tread, you can make the perfect fly. Put the whole bobbin in your hand, can avoid the bobbin being a little loose and the thread coming off too easily. Bullet Head Bobbin Holder will hold your thread spool and maintain constant tension on the tread. The bobbin is adjustable according to your own thread spools, satisfying your needs. This fly fishing accessory is made of polished stainless steel, smooth, and does not damage the thread.
    Material: Stainless steel + brass
  • Bodkin: 4.7"/12cm, It is a bodkin or dubbing needle with a fine tip, that can rearrange hackle fibers and apply a minuscule amount of adhesive. It has a half hitch tool on the other side of little needle points, a hollowed-out little hole. Take your thread wrap around the back of the bodkin and then you slide this off and slide over the eye of the hook. The multi-faceted design of the handle, will not easily roll off the table.
    Material: Stainless steel + brass
  • Bobbin Threader: 5.5"/14cm, make it easy to get even the smallest thread through your bobbin. Eliminating your frustrations of trying to thread your bobbin by hand.
  • Knot Whip Finisher: 4.65"/11.8cm, using a whip finisher tool is the easiest way to make a whip finish and the most secure way of finishing a trout fly or salmon fly. You can use it to whip one two three four five, or even more, turns quickly. The Whip Finisher Tool is used to finish off a fly and tie a knot at the head. This way the fly does not come unraveled when fly fishing with it.
    Material: Stainless steel + brass
  • Hackle Plier: 2.52"/6.4cm, hackle Plier is indispensable for making fly fishing flies. It can clamp tiny dry fly hackles and delicate peacock curls while the spring steel is strong enough, to hold larger feathers and heavy-duty synthetics. The tips taper down, making them small enough for finger-wearing.
    Material: Stainless steel

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