HERCULES Braided Fly Line Backing with Long-lasting Color

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The Backing is Backing

Flyline Backing is the essential choice for most fly fishing needs. It goes on a fly reel first and has two purposes:

1. Provides an additional diameter to lessen the memory loops in the fly fishing line and increase the rate of line retrieval when reeling in;

2. Adds length to the braided fly fishing line for sometimes when a large catch runs out beyond your 90-foot flyfishing lines.

20lbs ideal for trout, bass, and general freshwater fishing;

30lbs ideal for salmon, steelhead, bonefish, and stripers.

backing line for fly fishing

If a long-running speed demon takes you down to the backing line for fly fishing, it deserves to have.

It meets any conceivable requirement and gives you a sense of security when you hook up that once in a lifetime Steelhead that you're not going to run out of fly fishing backing.

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