HERCULES Hunting Tree Strap - Quick Connect Safety Harness Tree Strap, Climbing Tree Strap, Tree Stand Accessories

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  • Just attach it to a tree then click the nice carabiner that is included in your safety harness. Makes connecting your harness very quickly, quietly, and easily when get on your tree stand.
  • Get in your stand and just hook up instantly. Less noise and movement. Quiet is very important for hunting, the quieter you are, the easier it is to hunt successfully.
  • Super easy to connect and disconnect with little movement on a high platform, instead of trying to wrap something around the tree every time!
  • It is much easier to leave these hooked up above your tree stand and just snap in when you get out in the woods rather than having to wrap around the tree to set up your harness every time. It makes getting in and out of the tree in the dark so much easier that you just need to put them up and leave them, next time come back and just hook it with your carabiner
  • The strap is 70.8" long with a 300-pound weight capacity

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